Episode 559: The Coup Crew

2 comments on Episode 559: The Coup Crew

  1. Steven Doyle says:

    As a dorky “heavy fighter” in the SCA, I’d had the same thought as Cecil. The Capitol entrances are designed to be easily-blockable bottlenecks. The mob never should have gotten inside.

    So far, the idiots who’ve been arrested seem baffled. I guess they were expected to be hailed as national heroes.

    One of them wore a tee shirt saying “Camp Auschwitz” on the front and “STAFF” on the back. If I met somebody wearing that, I’d understand they have a legal right to wear it, and I don’t have a legal right to do anything about it, but I might still punch them in the fucking face.

  2. So sorry, Guys; I’m about to be unemployed, and have to suspend my patronage. If and when I find work, I’ll resume it.

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