Episode 554: Rona Rudy

2 comments on Episode 554: Rona Rudy

  1. Danielle says:

    I’ve never left a comment for you guys before, but I am now.

    I was eating yogurt when you guys started talking about the back pocket hankies at the start of the show. Now I’m not sure if I wanna finish it, because I keep looking at it while you talk about teenager socks, and UGH.

    (I mean, I’m gonna finish it, because I buy the expensive kind, and I’m no wuss. Also I’m a fat girl for a reason!)

    Gloryhole, motherfuckers!

  2. BluePrint says:

    Obama doesn’t look like a douchebag sitting at the tiny table, because he looks like he’s taking a break from actual work, unlike Drumpf who always looks like he’s being punished.

    I guess if you call the media “enemy of the people”, you won’t be happy to see them every time you need to make an appearance for the media.

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