Episode 549: 70 Million Terrible Votes

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  1. BluePrint says:

    You guys always forget elements in your What Ifs:
    If Gore would’ve been president, Iraq wouldn’t even be a question. Not because he wouldn’t have had Bush’s advisors, but because very likely there wouldn’t have been a 9/11 attack.
    Bush got the notification about Saudis in flight training not bothering to learn how to land, months before the attack. He was notified about Bin-Laden chatter.
    Gore would’ve approved some kind of action. Bush said “you covered your ass, go home.”

    As for Biden being the correct candidate for the job… That’s bullshit.
    Biden is leftovers. He won despite having no enthusiasm for his candidacy.
    He has $15min wage on his platform, but nobody in Florida knew about it, so they voted against him but for the policy he’s supposedly for.
    And Sanders wouldn’t have done it?
    Sanders would’ve comfortably walked to 300, on election day, because he wasn’t afraid to talk about the issues.
    Republicans would’ve called him a socialist?
    They call everyone a socialist. And while Biden can only say “no I’m not”, Sanders would’ve said “yes I am, I’m a democratic socialist and let me tell you what I mean by it: policy, policy, policy, policy, policy…” and even the fox news crowd cheered for it.
    Sanders offered the people something to vote for and wouldn’t have ended in the current situation, because every minimum wage voter would’ve voted for him, every legalize voter would’ve voted for him, every medicare voter would’ve voted for him, every infrastructure voter would’ve voted for him… His policies are over 50% favorable among republicans.

    You know who really won this election?
    The money.
    Even if Biden would be able, he’ll do very little.
    Most of what Drumpf broke will stay broken, but Biden wouldn’t be an asshole about it
    What a great achievement. We should celebrate in the streets.

  2. Stephen Scott says:

    What is the title of the laundry metal song before the tumble dryer story? I have to know!

  3. Steven D Powers says:

    Awesome episode!
    Please note the RATM parody song.
    Gotta hear the whole song, Thx

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