Episode 548 – 2020: Pit of Rats

One comment on “Episode 548 – 2020: Pit of Rats

  1. BluePrint says:

    The democrats could’ve delayed the senate hearings with procedural bullshit until after the elections, possibly until after inauguration, if Biden wins.
    They could’ve pulled a similar stunt the republicans did during the closed doors impeachment hearings, to de-legitimize the appointment.
    They could’ve done a few more things I can’t remember off the top of my head, but what they did, first thing, was to announce that all those specific things that could force the senate to delay the appointment… They won’t be doing.
    Very likely, because any of those would’ve forced them to go to the media and make a case for THEIR position on the issue, and that would’ve been embarrassing, because their position is the republican position.
    Democrats aren’t “the left”.
    Except for the new congress people that started kicking out some of the old husks, all democrats are right wing conservatives. Shy ones, but right wing conservatives. And if you think I’m saying they’re wolves in sheep clothing, you misunderstood. If anything, they’re sheep in wolf clothing.
    Why do you think they always “strategize” to appeal to the republican base?
    Because that’s the people they view as their base.

    At best, they just want to continue their endless vacation in whatever office they hold, spending their days dialing for dollars and having their lunch payed for by lobbyists. Occasionally giving some platitudes to their adoring fans in corporate media.
    As Biden said to the people that matter: “nothing will fundamentally change.”
    And if they won’t re-pack the court, this is exactly what would happen, because any legislation that even shuffle slightly towards the center, will be taken to court and there be purified to it’s hardest right wing policy.
    If they get the senate.
    If not, McConnell would implement The Clinton Strategy, and Biden would have a lame duck presidency.

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