Episode 541: Boater Suppression

3 comments on Episode 541: Boater Suppression

  1. Steven Doyle says:

    Gary’s voice is horrifying. I think listening to testimony from the Nuremberg trials would be less disturbing. Good job.

  2. Santaclause Apologetic says:

    When I first heard of the boat story I did not realize it happened at Lake Travis. In the 90s, I use to visit Lake Travis on a regular basis. I’m not on Facebook/Twitter so I have been having a hard time finding funny videos of the event. I searched YouTube but only found dry local news reports on the story. Does anyone here have a video link to the funnest take on the boats sinking story?

  3. Santaclause Apologetic says:

    ¶I admit it maybe just nostalgia, but I like the older Gene Wilder version It in mostly likely because I saw it as a child at the drive-in 1975. I’m not going to hate on the Johnny Depp version, I think it was well done, I just have my love for the first and weird and quarkie as it was.

    ¶I think the more interesting thing is the back story to the 1971 movie. The movie came about as an advertisement for Nestlé who recently acquired the rights to the name Willy Wonka. I do remember buying Willy Wonka branded candy, but it never seamed that Nestlé wanted to tie it’s product to that move that it had backed. Perhaps once the corporate board realizes how strange and unsettling the move was, they did not feel that it was good branding. It is not good marketing to associate to your candy with a factory that may or may not have killed children.

    ¶For the record the 1971 movie left it ambiguous as to whether all the children survived there ordeal or not. I suppose it was more unsettling that Wanka directed a half-harted attempt to rescue the affected children, then never cared enough to check up on the status of them. In the 2005 movie you can see that the children survived there ordeal but were disfigured.

    ¶RIP Gene Wilder, Cookie The Cockatoo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookie_(cockatoo) Born in the same week died in the same week

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