Episode 533: The Birds

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  1. R. Marc says:

    i live in a Latinx household (I’m not, everyone else is) and when I told my wife I’m no longer going to buy Goya, she told me to fuck off. I do the grocery shopping, so not really an issue, but Latin American politics skew way, way right. They hate the orange guy, but their guys are pretty much the same.

  2. BluePrint says:

    I bet there’s a cross section of online atheists who don’t like you guys, and also like the religious conservative wunderkind Ben Shapiro.
    It might be a Jewish thing, because I know of at least two, but I suspect it’s more a a conservative thing, because from what I’m hearing, they usually excuse the religiosity in service of nationalism/capitalism.

    The above is just a reference because what I really want to point out, is that the “find something new” dismissal of the surging unemployment is straight out of said wunderkind’s playbook, which you guys may have talked about in reference to climate change.
    He said something to the effect of ocean front property owners shouldn’t worry about rising sea levels, because they could just: “just sell it and move inland.”

    1. YazPistachio says:

      Jewish atheist?

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