Episode 525: Fatty Boom Batty

One comment on “Episode 525: Fatty Boom Batty

  1. BluePrint says:

    You think being sentenced over Zoom is 1984-ish?
    How about expanded spying powers recently granted to US agencies, that now can spy on your internet browsing without a warrant.
    That’s not coming to your house and taking your computer or phone, that’s having unlimited access to the ISP data, where everything you did, even in Incognito Mode, is stored.
    And the man ranting at the TV in the doctor’s office… That’s Duckspeak, that tRump has been conditioning 1/3 of the country to chatter 24/7.
    (also: MSNBC isn’t leaning, isn’t far, and isn’t left by any stretch of the imagination)

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