Episode 520: N95 Pants

2 comments on Episode 520: N95 Pants

  1. Aaron Paluzzi says:

    Listening now. Heard about your travel loss.

    1). Did you book your travel expenses with a credit card?

    2). Did you check your credit card to see if it automatically provides travel insurance?

    You might have a recourse to get your money back. I was supposed to find out all of my cards provide this when I was reading about rental car insurance. Worth checking out

  2. Linda P says:

    Regarding the *Chile Counts Those Who Died of Coronavirus as Recovered Because They’re ‘No Longer Contagious,’* story, this could be because they’re using the SIR statistical model. This is explained in more detail by Numberphile here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6nLfCbAzgo (timestamp 1:38 for the definitions) but basically S=Susceptible people, I=Infected people, and R=people who are no longer infectious either because they’ve Recovered or because they’ve died. So ‘recovered’ isn’t necessarily the best word to use, but it makes for a nice acronym.

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