Episode 516: I Know a Pandemic When I See One

2 comments on Episode 516: I Know a Pandemic When I See One

  1. Shalynn says:

    Look, I’m not saying I agree with those kids out on spring break. I’m young, but I’m diabetic and I’ve been pleading with everyone I know to stay inside and maintain social distancing. But a part of me sort of understands their flippancy. (Again, I’m not saying they’re correct. I also don’t want my grandma to die.) For years now, the millenials and gen z have been screaming for boomers to care about climate change, student debt, and school shootings. And for years, the boomers have told us either that climate change is a hoax or that they’ll be dead by the time we feel the effects of it and so they don’t have to care; we’re a bunch of whiny babies who don’t want to have to work for anything; and their guns matter more than our lives. So, like, again, I’m not saying these gen z kids are heroes in this story and if they get themselves or anyone else sick, fuck them, but I do think it’s a little rich to ask them to suddenly care about a whole generation that has done nothing but denigrate them and shrug them off because they don’t want to get shot at school. Not mention, all our lives we’ve been given this promise of the American dream where you can be anything you want to be, and as we’ve come of age or grown into our thirties, we’ve seen how it’s all a lie and likely our world is going to be destroyed because of the greed and carelessness of the rich and Rebulicans. So we’ve sort of become used to a fatalistic worldview and now we’re all kind of shrugging our shoulders and saying, “Hey, we’ve been screaming for years that the world is ending and none of you gave a shit, so…welcome to our lives?”

    But…yeah. No heroes in this story.

  2. Todd Eliassen says:

    This is how a typo can cause a zombie apocalypse.


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