Episode 514: Modest Needs Update

2 comments on Episode 514: Modest Needs Update

  1. Shalynn says:

    About the woman recommending beating your children: this is also a huge problem with religion telling women that their only goal in life and the only thing that makes them full human beings is motherhood. Because once you convince a woman of that, she can’t then sit down and seriously consider whether she should be a mother or not. So women who are not cut out for parenthood because they don’t have the stability or the patience feel like they have to do something they’re not emotionally or mentally prepared for (it doesn’t help that many religions encourage motherhood at around 18, when you’re not even a full adult). We need to de-stigmatize the idea of women choosing something other than motherhood so that we have fewer mothers who abuse their children. Religion stands directly in the way of that.

  2. Preston West says:

    Just learned about Modest Needs via your podcast. Donated, and will continue. Thanks for the info!

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