Episode 51: Payments for Pedophiles Program

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  1. Steven Doyle says:

    Polygamous marriage would require a more complex legal agreement, to work out things like power of attorney in case one member of the marriage is incapacitated.

    The only problem I have with polygamy as usually practiced is it involves underage girls being pretty much forced into marriage with older, often much older, men. How about we raise the legal age for any marriage to 21? In some states, a person as young as 14 can get married, if their parents approve. Well, if you need your parents’ approval, that means you’re not an adult; you shouldn’t be able to enter such an important contract.

    And raise the enlistment age to 21 while we’re at it.

    1. ullrich fischer says:

      And the driving age to 45 🙂

      Good point, though about the legal age for marriage. There should also be a law raising the age at which a child can consent to have sex with a person more than (say) 3 years older than her/himself so that pedophile cults can be prosecuted more easily.

    2. Cephus says:

      Your assessment of the problem with polygamous marriage is right on. I have no problem with consenting adults getting married, no matter how many are involved, so long as it is only open to consenting adults. No one under the age of 18 ought to be able to get married anyhow, marriage is a legal contract and legally, no one under 18 can be party to a legal contract.

      The biggest problem with polygamy is that our current legal system is designed around two individuals. A marriage is either an ongoing concern or it is not. If one person leaves, the marriage ends. With polygamy, that’s not necessarily the case. So how do you determine child custody in a situation where multiple people may claim “ownership”? How do you determine community property when the community is quite large? Worse, when people come and go, as is very common in polygamous relationships, how do you determine how much each individual gets? Is it based on longevity?

      If we legalized polygamy, it would immediately clog the legal system even worse than it is now. We need to decide how to handle the inevitable divorces before we have half-a-dozen people standing in front of a judge. Once we do that, I’m entirely fine with handing out group marriage license.

  2. Sonni says:

    Hey guys,

    On the whole ‘bigfoot sighting’, there is a new show on the Discovery Channel called Head Games where they do a bunch of social and psychological experiments on people.

    One of the first episodes included an actor that was looking up into a tree and swore that there was a snake up there. After getting about 3 other actors to collaborate in this bullshit lie, other people not only started looking up, but they actually thought they saw a fucking snake!!

    All the supernatural sighting and other religious/mythical lies are nothing less than mass-delusion! That’s actually scientifically proven!!

  3. Kim says:

    Maybe the homos the little kids are singing about are homo sapiens. In which case it is true. No homo sapiens are going to heaven, because heaven dosen’t exist.

  4. Murff says:

    Create sperm. That’s the only thing I could think of that a woman can’t do. Of course, she counters that by creating an egg and growing a new person inside herself, and then birthing that person…

    Yet men have the high ground?

    Lol, love the show!

  5. Gage says:

    Funny that the preacher says this country was made by good, god-fearing Christians.

    How ignorant.

    The founding fathers were avid anti-Christians.

  6. ullrich fischer says:

    Interesting douche-bag comment from that bible thumper. I suggest if he doesn’t like living in a country with a secular constitution, there are planes going to Afghanistan pretty often and he should get his ass on one asap. We need to thump the bible thumpers using that phrase more frequently. Even most self-proclaimed Christians hate bible thumpers. It is important to counter the bible thumpers’ lie that all christians (most Americans) support the batshit crazy agendas of the bible thumpers.

  7. paul says:

    who’s that guy on the other side of the glory hole? it’s Jesus!

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