Episode 496: Thou Shalt Not Bump Stock

One comment on “Episode 496: Thou Shalt Not Bump Stock

  1. BluePrint says:

    People saying they like their health insurance, are victims of deceptive framing by insurance funded media:
    Whenever the topic of health CARE is brought up, it is always discussed as insurance and payments, not as a service to the citizen. So the audience is influenced to think in those terms, say “I like my insurance” when they mean they like the service, which usually means they like the doctor they see, and is easily confused when told their health insurance would end. Because while medicare for all aims to do away with the bureaucracy and high cost of insurance, the people were convinced think that no insurance = no service, when the complete opposite is true.

    It seems like everything that is wrong with the U.S. comes down to the “rugged individualism” mentality, and health care is no different.
    This horrible way of financing health care is the “rugged individual” way of doing it: every man for himself, you get what you pay for, sharing a burden is for the weak…

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