Episode 49: Veritable Bacchanalia of Regret

6 comments on Episode 49: Veritable Bacchanalia of Regret

  1. Scott says:

    you guys are being totally unfair here. Those people aren’t for raping and torturing 13 yr olds, they’re just for traditional marriage. Totally different.

    1. protocollie says:

      traditional marriage?

      fuck off.

      1. Murff says:

        My intertube sense thins Scott was being sarcastic…

  2. David says:

    Regarding the unfortunate 13 y.o., maybe ‘dad’ shoots blanks. Not like he’d ever admit that, of course. He’d probably claim she used her powers to make him impotent. Regarding the holy reverend Worley, he says in his rant what I believe is the gist of most if not all of the anti-gay sentiment. Watching two men kiss makes him want to puke. I bet if you got most anti-gay bigots to speak the truth, they’d say the very thought of same gender couples making sex makes them sick. The bible just happens to be a convenient excuse.

  3. Murff says:

    Let’s not cut the military budget…he’ll, most of your horrific items come straight from the Taliban’s religious crap.

    Well, after being in the military for 24 years, there are some cuts that could be made, but it would be hard because the entire system would have to be reworked…and old farts never let that happen!

    Love the podcast, thanks!

  4. Dez says:

    Where’s the new episode? I need my monday fix.

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