Episode 474: Essentially Harmless

One comment on “Episode 474: Essentially Harmless

  1. Steven Doyle says:

    I don’t know which sounds more idiotic: saying “red pill” as a verb, or using “normies” to refer to everybody in the world who isn’t in on one’s crazy conspiracy bullshit. (Is it possible Dave Hayes and Dave Daubenmire are the same person? Hayes has a completely hairless head; he could stick on different wigs and beards to change character. Like a human Mr. Potato-Head.)

    I honestly don’t know if the phrase “the N-word” is an improvement. It lets people who aren’t racists refer to racism without having to utter an uncomfortable word; but at the same time racists have taken up the term because they know they can use the euphemism in exactly the same way they used the original slur, and then claim nobody should be offended.

    F’r instance: on the podcast “It Could Happen Here” (really worth listening to), I heard a clip of white racists (at a barbecue, of all things) boasting about having brutalized or murdered black people in New Orleans neighborhoods during the lawless days immediately after Hurricane Katrina. One of them was a Northern racist (just as bad as our Southern home-grown racists) claiming: “I’m not a Yankee anymore!” Redneck voices agreed with him, with one woman saying “He finally understands what the N-word means!” Horrible fucking people.

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