Episode 47: The Atheist Experience

5 comments on Episode 47: The Atheist Experience

  1. george says:

    Who is that evil woman trying to wheedle the grocery money away from women? That clip just sums it all up for me.
    Thanks for your podcast. It is the best thing since Christopher Hitchens.

  2. Ullrich Fischer says:

    Great episode. I just discovered your excellent podcast the other day from a promo on one (I forgot which) of three of my favorite podcasts: Godless Bitches, The Imaginary Friends Show, or The Skeptic Zone and immediately subscribed on iTunes and downloaded all available episodes there. It is just so pleasant to be able to hear a couple of bright guys rant and at the same time totally make sense! After listening to the Faux News spokesmodels rant and the Citizens United attack ads, listening to your podcast is like climbing out of the pit of an outdoor toilet into a bright, sunshiny day at the beach! Thanks, Guys. Keep up the great work! I’m going to work my way back from the current issues to the first.

  3. ullrich fischer says:

    While listening to the 2nd interview in this episode with Matt Dillahanty, I found and subscribed on iTunes to his “The Non Prophets” podcast. I’ve been an atheist from about age 11 and used to amuse myself by debating one on one with a Jehovah’s Witness kid in high school ( I was the only one who would talk to him at all as all the other “christian” kids seemed to think that JWs were some sub-human species, a view I do not share). He was convinced that the moon landing (which was current news when I was in high school) was a hoax because God would destroy the Universe if man ever transgressed on the heavenly sphere… Anyway, the arguments that brought Matt to atheism are pretty similar to the ones with which I failed to convince my JW friend of the error of his ways. 🙂 I’m hoping “The Non Prophets” will be as entertaining and spot on as “Godless Bitches” and “The Imaginary Friends Show”. It is great to hear fellow atheists finally refusing to shut up and hide in the face of boneheaded theist arguments.

  4. Donovan says:

    I too would to know who the “Grocery Money Evangelist” is. Also, who was the guy at the start with the great bit about what considers “sin”?

    Fun show, guys. A great balance to the more laid back shows. Both are needed.

    1. diss0713 says:

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRirh4zTwig The lady’s name is Jan Crouch. The starting bit was Matt Dillahunty on the Atheist Experience.

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