Episode 468: Southern Juices

5 comments on Episode 468: Southern Juices

  1. rayman says:

    Hi guys,
    I think the ‘play’ button fell off.

  2. Tony Blackwell says:

    HALP! No playz button!!

  3. Chris says:

    Hi guys, episode 468 isn’t showing up on RSS or Google Play either.

  4. BluePrint says:

    Israel governs via the parliamentary system, not presidential.
    People (supposedly) vote for parties and not individual representative or prime minister. So while people wanted Netanyahu to be prime minister, what they voted was for the party he’s the head of, and that doesn’t guarantees he will be prime minister.
    Once the votes are tallied, the parties who would be part of the next government, choose which party head they want to be prime minister, and the president (elected at a different time by a parliamentary procedure) officially chooses who would be charged with making up the next government.
    That chosen person/party has a limited time to actually get enough parties to assemble a coalition that would be the majority of seats in the next government, and if they can’t do that, the president chooses someone else.
    Despite Netanyahu “winning” (his party is equal in “size” to an opposing party), and getting the most votes by the other parties to be the next prime minister, he’s yet to successfully assemble a new coalition.
    And just today, an ultra-orthodox party who suggested he’ll be PM, broke from negotiation because their demand was refused; to assemble a “Sabbath task force” to supervise and fine anyone who breaks the much more strict sabbath laws that would also be enacted.

    1. Jamie Marshall says:

      Same system as in New Zealand.
      We had one party, National, ‘win’ the election with 47.04% of the vote, or 60 seats.
      A distant second was Labour with 25.13% of the vote, 32 seats.
      National couldn’t get one more seat from a minor party to form a minority government with the 61 seats needed.
      So instead Labour formed a government with 5 other minor parties.
      So we have a Prime Minister that leads a party that 74.87% of the people voted against!

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