Episode 46: Imaginary Friends Show

2 comments on Episode 46: Imaginary Friends Show

  1. John Ellis says:

    Egg plant rhymes with pregnant, in case she needs some help. Speaking of help, now that you guys are learning to post on G+, if you would post when each new podcast drops, people could comment on it on G+, and fight with each other in a social media way. Something simple like: “Episode 46 – ‘Imaginary Friends Show’ is now available”. I’ll also attach this to your last G+ posting in case you never read these comments, but do read those. As if.

  2. thomas says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the cool podcast, i was listening to your segment on the world coming to and end and it reminded me of this documentary “Waiting for Armageddon”

    If you haven’t seen it and are interested check it out

    you can see it here:

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