Episode 44: Excommunication Breakdown


Clips:  Intro: Bill Connolly on Most Haunted, Pulp Fiction, Jesus Camp, Jesus Camp + Blue Suede, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Ted Nugent, The Simpsons, A Few Good Men, Magnum PI Theme

4 comments on Episode 44: Excommunication Breakdown

  1. Craig Smith says:

    Another great show! Hey, speaking of witches and the Westboro Baptist Church, wouldn’t it be great if Fred Phelps and his band of loonies would picket (with their Exodus 22:18 signs) the set of The Long Island Medium? That has the potential to be funnier than the “Burn her she’s a witch!” scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  2. ullrich fischer says:

    Your rants against the Catholic Church were spot on. However, you should have mentioned the FFRF’s recent ad in the Washington Post exhorting liberal catholics to abandon the church.


    Just in case any of the nuns who got reamed by the troglodyte council of Bishops happen to stumble upon your excellent summary of their situation.

  3. RobWriting says:

    Seattle PI died. It was pronounced with a “jencer” at the end. Crappy rag in any case. Didn’t even have good funnies but did have Horsey editorial toons and Bob McCausland’s Hairbreadth Husky. Cool stuff.

    If you are looking for notable Seattle acronyms, nothing beats public transit:

    S outh L ake U nion T rolley

    I believe there are t-shirts still available that exclaim you rode this vehicle, possibly even bumper stickers.

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