Episode 433: Resistance From Within

2 comments on Episode 433: Resistance From Within

  1. Steven Doyle says:

    Liz Crokin’s annoying voice seems to be part of a trend: the past few years I keep hearing young women talking with a vocal fry — that creaky sound. No idea why.

  2. BluePrint says:

    Alex Jones is a schoolyard bully, which is very similar to an internet troll, and the way to deal with him is like any bully / troll:
    1. Ignore him.
    Be polite if he invades your personal space, like saying “don’t touch me” if he does, but nothing more. Never engage him in conversation, and never acknowledge his existence beyond the fact that he occupies space. And if he uses that fact to inhibit you from leaving, make yourself busy as if leaving was an afterthought, or if you’re Marco Rubio and have personal security personnel, tell them that you wish to leave, again, while not acknowledging the bully / troll.
    2. If you you can, heckle him back.
    If you can beat a troll in his own game, for public person, that’s a PR jackpot.

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