Episode 425: No Colusion [sic]

2 comments on Episode 425: No Colusion [sic]

  1. Mike.K. says:

    To the conversation at around 35m, a comment I made well over a year ago, “Conservatives have traded truth for certainty.”

    The past is a scary place because the past is where “the libtards” were wright all along. So, the past is always an extension of the eternal now. Everything said now has always been true and will always been true. The “now” resets daily, but that leads to “the liberals were right”, so there is only now’s now.

  2. Mike.K. says:

    The Fairness Doctrine. You had to present both sides of an issue from valid, vetted sources.
    Repeal led directly to Rush Limbaugh. Robert Bork was part of its downfall, and Reagan tried to nominate him to the Supreme Court, which did not go well (he fired Cox for Nixon).

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