Episode 406: Tiny Thinkers

3 comments on Episode 406: Tiny Thinkers

  1. Woody says:

    Illustrating TT is the equivalent of being the drummer for Spinal Tap?

    1. Ian says:

      you got it!

  2. BluePrint says:

    Tom, your pronunciation of ‘kushi’ is spot on… the wrong way most Hebrew speakers say it.
    ‘Nissan’ you also pronounce wrong, because like ‘kushi’, the end syllable should be stressed, not the beginning.

    Also, the word ‘kushi’ being a slur, is up for debate:
    It’s actually a biblical word used to describe people from the land of Kush, which is supposedly an African kingdom, possibly Ethiopia, and was used as an endearing nickname for darker skinned Jews until quite recently.
    The change is assumed to be due to its use to translate the English word Nigger, and with it acquiring the English baggage.

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