Episode 405: Space Force

Stories from the week

From Natalie
From Aaron
From Shane


Dreamer @_enfantterrible: 
“i had a dream were I was being chased by some menace that I believe to be military police. at some point I they caught up to me and tackled me to the ground and held me down. one of them took out a knife and started carving a word on the back of my neck. it was the word happiness”
Tom: This is an Alex Jones rape fantasy 
Dreamer @awesomecanada:
“Alright, so I had a doozy of a dream last night. After scoring some weed at my old HS, that wasn’t really my old HS, I was walking home in the snow when the night sky was filled with spinning UFOs, all alight and humming melodically.  Some celestial beings transported down… 
And we went sledding down hill.  One of the beings, in female human form, got badly injured from sliding into a tree.  We took her to my old church basement, where a preteen dance party was underway, where she changed into her true form.  A 2-headed octopus creature. Then I woke.”
Tom: This dream is about your mother. You want to fuck your mother. You need help. 
Dreamer David:
I once dreamt about two bread sticks after eating bread sticks and two bread sticks is 11 so I pretty much predicted September 11……. sorry I would have warned you guys but it happened in 2010.
Tom: This is also am Alex Jones rape fantasy 

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