Episode 40: Three Dumbasses

Thanks again to Dumbass from Dumbass Guide to Knowledge and Invisible Sky Monster

Clips: Ancient Aliens – History Channel, Billy Madison, Jesus Camp, Newt Gingrich, The Simpson’s, Rick Perry, Jesus Camp – Blue Suede, Lou Reed – The Gun, Some asshole televangelist.

Editors note: We may have inadvertently called Trayvon Martin Travon Williams in this show – It is Cecil’s fault, he watches too much NFL and mixed the names Tramon Williams and Trayvon Martin. Blame him.

EDIT: Forgot to add Terry’s Tumblr: http://analyzedatheist.tumblr.com

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5 comments on Episode 40: Three Dumbasses

  1. Val M says:

    Hey guys, I love the podcast! I came over from Irreligiosophy as well. You are a worthy replacement 🙂

  2. MrPrickles says:

    “The Atheist Experience must have mobilized or something” Matt Dillahunty mentioned the poll on his facebook page, you were second place a couple hours later. Every other comment on his page were people wondering what the hell cognitive dissonance was. Look on the bright side, I can’t be the only new listener you picked up over this poll.

  3. Aaron Wilkerson says:

    Kirk Cameron follows Ray Croc around? Big Macs and french fries are his Comfort food?

  4. Tim says:

    I wasn’t able to listen to the last part of the podcast with DA, all the “uhh’s” were driving me nutso batso. Great episode either way.

  5. Dumbass says:

    LOL – I am *certainly* nowhere near as good at smooth talking as Cecil and Tom. I am *much* better when I’m able to organize my thoughts ahead of time and read off a script.

    I actually had some scripted answers prepared to questions I anticipated Cecil and Tom might ask. The only problem was that they didn’t ask those questions.

    My apologies for ruining that part of the show for you. If you listen to my Dumbasses Guide To Knowledge podcast, there are no “uhh’s” and such. You’d probably be turned off of my Invisible Sky Monster podcast though.

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