Episode 394: Toaster Shakins 2017

The best and worst of 2017.

2 comments on Episode 394: Toaster Shakins 2017

  1. BluePrint says:

    Israel also has a “don’t hurt my god’s feelings” rule. It’s a clause in the somewhat-free speech law.
    It usually manifests as a demand to prevent certain actions because those would “hurt religious feelings” or “hurt the religion’s feelings”.
    Under that guise, public events are sometimes gender segregated, religious soldiers get a waiver from participating in entertainment events that are required attendance, and too many times segregating female performers from being on stage.
    It got extra ridiculous when last year a female vocalist was a charged with “insulting the feelings of religious people”, for appearing on stage wearing jean shorts and and open shirt over a bikini top… while the band performed on a beach.

    1. BluePrint says:

      This should’ve gone on #393.
      (I’m listening really late)

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