Episode 391: Alexa…

6 comments on Episode 391: Alexa…

  1. Pat_D says:

    Alex Jones insanity turning into a plug for Adam & Eve dot com. GENIUS!!!!!

  2. rayman says:

    That’s funny, I actually loved listening to Disco Duck when i was 6 years old as well, back in the 70ies.
    Damn, i’m old 😀

  3. Kernan Coleman says:

    10,000 Maniacs. Now unlistenable, whiney, emo dreck. And I’m a fuckload older than you.

  4. What music did I listen to as a youngster that I’m embarrassed about today? Holy shit! That’s a long list, including: Shaun Cassidy, Poison, and Stryper.

  5. BluePrint says:

    One advantage of having English as a second language: it’s much easier to ignore lyrics in songs and just enjoy the music.

  6. Jose says:

    I grew up in Guyana with 2 45’s
    1. The Tradewinds – Wong Ping
    2. Disco Duck

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