Episode 39: The Emperor’s New Scent

Clips: allahu akbar, Jesus Camp, The Simpson’s,Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church, Jesus Camp Ft. Blue Suede, Notorious B.I.G. Big Poppa.

We were on the Conspiracy Skeptic show.

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4 comments on Episode 39: The Emperor’s New Scent

  1. Dumbass says:

    Bromance? Be still my heart! You DID listen to my love soliloquy! You DO care!

  2. Dumbass says:

    Wow, “The Atheist Experience” has really pulled out into the lead in that poll! They didn’t even sneak up on you or anything like that, just one minute you were winning by a solid margin, and the next they just shot ahead like an arrow!

  3. Dumbass says:

    I went and checked – it’s weird, they don’t mention the poll on their website or on their Facebook page, and I checked out their latest episode and they never ask their audience to vote for them.

    I guess it’s just strange how these things work out sometimes.

  4. ApemanJ1m says:

    Sooooo, is the Roman Catholic Church arguing for the infallibility of their position, or the fellate-ability of their position?

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