Episode 352: Can You Nair Down There?

2 comments on Episode 352: Can You Nair Down There?

  1. St. Ralph says:

    C’mon guys. Do you really think Trump would have acted against Syria without Uncle Vlad’s approval. This was probably the Kremlin’s idea and orchestrated by them. It was probably designed to simulate daylight between the Trump administration and the Kremlin.

  2. Pat in Montreal says:

    I’m not one to believe in crazy conspiracy theories, but St-Ralph does have a point.

    The USN fired somewhere around 60 Tomahawks at the air base and the very next morning the Syrian air force was flying missions out of that base as if nothing had happened. That tells you the USN did not hit the armory, the planes or the runway. WTF did they hit??? Those missiles are relatively precise (GPS, 2 way live sat communication, live camera…) and can even hit moving targets soooo…. it kinda makes one wonder if this strike was “just for show”.

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