Episode 321: Modest Needs

Guests Noah and Eli from The Scathing Atheist join Tom and Cecil as they talk with Keith from Modest Needs about the impact the organization makes in the lives of those who work hard but have no other place to turn to for short-term assistance.

We’re not crying, it’s just very dusty in here.

Stories covered in this episode:

One comment on “Episode 321: Modest Needs

  1. Sheilah harris says:

    I am a 60 year old woman have worked all my life, and have the same job for over 20 year but some were part time until the kids gat in high school with the same company, I now make $19.19 per hour so now I have to pay taxes, market rent and no longer can receive help from any assistance program, I have a turn off notice with BGE and tryed to get help, I pay my bills and there’s nothing left over for nothing,I applied for assistance with community actions agency not knowing that they would turn me down because of my small income, hoping that they would help me I used the money to get some work done on my car, I have a 3 year old grandson that visit me four days a week while his parents can work that can’t afford a babysitter so I help when I can, someone gave me your page and told me to contact you guys and maybe you could offer some assistance.if there is anything you can do it would be great if not thanks for your Time.

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