Episode 317: Vulgarity for Charity – Part 1

Vulgarity for Charity is a biannual fundraiser where we trade insults for donations. Donate to Modest Needs, then let us know that you did, and who you’d like insulted. We will join forces with Eli, Heath, and Noah of The Scathing Atheist to turn our powers of vulgarity into forces of good.

Stories covered in this episode:

Vulgarity For Charity

4 comments on Episode 317: Vulgarity for Charity – Part 1

  1. Israel says:

    Listens often, first time coming to the site. looking for that comment section . . .

    Anyways, the skit towards the end this episode with Eli, Thomas, and Andrew was outstanding. If I donate enough maybe they can do another with the exact same format referencing the same incident but with a different theme.


  2. Dave says:

    Book suggestion: Chariots of the Gods, wherein a nutter tries to establish that aliens built the pyramids and many other ancient sites…except those based in Europe for some reason that I definitely won’t say is racist.

    1. Tom Hail says:

      I was going to suggest that also, first one that came to my mind. I became as skeptic (unknowingly) when my dad and I read this one year. He’s a geologist and surveyor and he goes: “What baloney! I could do the Nazca Plains drawings with first year surveying!!” That was the end of magic for 13 yr old me. 🙂

  3. Bill says:

    Hey guys,

    I love that the two of you aren’t wading into the Andrew/David mess. Probably one of the best ways to take the high road.

    I loved the show this week, and your roast of Ari made me laugh more than I have in awhile. I hope they take it in the spirit it was meant. And I hope Callie doesn’t murder “Eli”

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