Episode 310: Michael A. Wood Jr.

This episode we don’t cover any stories. Instead we talk for 90 minutes about law enforcement and the second amendment with Michael A. Wood Jr. And do a David Icke segment.



One comment on “Episode 310: Michael A. Wood Jr.

  1. Hossley says:

    God Dam Right about carrying guns. Had to fucking get in an argument with my roommate because he couldn’t understand that i wouldn’t be willing to shoot and kill a robber if someone broke into our apartment with his gun. Him “Why wouldn’t you shoot someone who broke in and tried to steal your TV and PS4?” my Response “My TV and PS4 are not worth killing some dude.” I even explained that I had renters insurance and he still didn’t understand. I live in a town where shit doesn’t even happen. Why the fuck would i agree to live on a hair trigger like that.

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