Episode 293: Deep Inside the Gloryhole with David Smalley

6 comments on Episode 293: Deep Inside the Gloryhole with David Smalley

  1. D says:

    Tom can be unbearable whenever you guys are on with David. Not even saying it as a complaint, no need to change, not upset, just can be a hard listen.

    1. Dave F says:

      Yeah Tom, you dick!
      Never change bro.

    2. Artoo45 says:

      Don’t listen, then. Wouldn’t want you to do anything hard. #fragilesnowflakeisfragile

  2. Minos says:

    David’s Skeptic’s Creed didn’t have the customary Tarot Cars, but at least it still had Whizzers.

  3. Barbra Streisand says:

    Hello, Gorgeous!

    It’s Barbra…you know…Streisand!

    Loving you and waiting on that check for performing my number one hit: “Glory Hole” on your show; please don’t continue to ignore my manager.

    Adoring you, waiting on my check.

    Forever your debtor (it seems)
    Ms. Streisand-Brolin

  4. M.A. Lewis says:

    Tom is always a hard listen. But you need a microscope to know how hard.

    But seriously, if it’s not your thing, and not getting enjoyment, don’t listen. Or take a break, or whatever.

    #teamdonut #teamdanish #teamitsafood

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