Episode 29: Amateur Paleontology

7 comments on Episode 29: Amateur Paleontology

  1. Mollie says:

    “He’s looks like McCain, he looks like he’s storing legislation for the winter…”
    You guys made me literally laugh out loud with that one… 🙂

  2. Dumbass says:

    I think he may have meant to say that he was an amateur *geologist*, since geologists are able to track the changes in Earth’s climate throughout prehistory.

  3. Sarah says:

    Amateur paleontologist, professional douche-ologist.

    Also, I agree with the guy on Twitter: more KERMIT THE FROG VOICE!

    This was another great episode that had me laughing. I love that you are consistently cranking them out, guys.

  4. Nicoli Pride says:

    Hey guys i love your stuff. Been listening to ages and although I find myself having to forgive your sometimes strong arrogance against religion, I mostly love your opinions and you guys make me laugh quiet a bit. One thing I think would benefit your show is to slowly introduce just a portion of movie related stuff. I really enjoyed your take on movies over on the Everyone’s a Critic podcast and was sad when it finished. But my favorite segment on that podcast is where you guys would talk candidly about films you watched recently, whether they be on demand, dvd or in the cinema. I would really like a small 10 min or so segment on this podcast in which you just off topic and off the cuff talk about films or documentaries you have seen recently and your takes on them. Thank you very much, keep up the navel gazing

  5. UnaTerra says:

    Prolife santorum story. There was an awesome interview on Australia’s JJJ Hack radio show late last year. There was a pro life US citizen claiming abortion was murder and the law should reflect that. Australian Clementine Ford basically wipes the floor with this guy. She got him to the point where she asked him, do you consider a bunch of a dozen cells to be a human? (i am paraphrasing here, I don’t have the transcript)
    If someone took the morning after pill, that is then murder.
    So then, that woman should be treated as a murderer.
    So you would have her executed in some states as a murderer or locked up for life.
    err no
    So you clearly don’t think a bunch of cells is a human life then.
    err….that’s not what
    No. Either she is a murderer and should face the sentence of a murderer or she isn’t a murderer.

    It was so funny hearing one of these guys trying to peddle that shit outside of the US in a country that isn’t run by fundamentalists.

  6. Gage says:

    Hey guys. I just started listening to C.D. about 2 weeks ago and I’m already on podcast 29. This is my first comment, and usually I just keep them to myself. I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, since it’s one of your older records at this point, but around 45:00 Cecil says (comparing to gov. paying big money to test the science of prayer) “wouldn’t you be just as upset if they spent that money trying to turn lead in gold?” I get your point and totally agree, however, I just thought you would find it interesting to know we can actually turn other elements into gold these days. It’s obviously not through the “witchcraft” of medieval alchemy, but in the lap we can actually knock an isotope out of mercury, which immediately turns the mercury into actual gold. It costs much more money than what you get in return, but it IS possible. There are 2 labs in the Universities today which are capable of doing it. I initially saw it on discovery channel, although I can’t seem to find a link to the video. I come back and post it again. But Carl Sagan also talks about it in “The Cosmos” which I believe is in episode 6. Take care guys. The podcast is awesome. Keep it strong.

  7. Gage says:

    *in the lab, not in the lap

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