Episode 152: Humpty Dumpty Makes an Omelet


Sore Winners: Christian Group Offended by Mississippi Businesses That Won’t Discriminate Against Gays

Teen Girl Kicked Out Of Prom So Her Dress Wouldn’t Lead Boys To ‘Think Impure Thoughts’

Ohio measles outbreak tied to Amish missionaries


Sudanese woman may face death for choosing Christianity over Islam

Sudan woman faces death for apostasy

Young Widow to Be Caned After Gang Rape by Sharia Vigilantes

Tamar Stitt inquest: Mother defends decision to treat daughter’s cancer with ‘natural’ therapies

Children’s aid steps in after 11-year-old trades chemo for native remedies

Man rams Baltimore-area TV station with truck

Alan Keyes Warns Gay Marriage Leads To A ‘Totalitarian’ Nazi-Like Government –

Klingenschmitt Speculates That The ‘Forbidden Fruit’ Eaten By Adam And Eve May Have Been Marijuana


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