Episode 147: Consensual Axe Murder

5 comments on Episode 147: Consensual Axe Murder

  1. Bryce Coutts says:

    Regarding the story about Bryan Fischer pointing out that the top 1% of Americans pay nearly 30% of all federal tax revenue, while the bottom 50% pay only 2.7%, I think it is important to note thate the top 1% own 38% of the country’s financial wealth, while the bottom 60% owns 2.3%. Looking at it this way, it seems that it is the extremely wealthy that aren’t paying their fair share.

  2. Francois Jean says:

    What do you mean by ‘there’s no sport to watch right now’? It’s the NHL playoffs right now, the only real North American borned sport!

  3. Murff says:

    Hockey? Remember back when they missed an entire season from a strike? ESPN had a poll asking how the lost season affected you, (a little) (a lot) or (didn’t know hockey missed a season). Over 70% went to the 3rd option…lol

    Thanks again for the great show Tom and Cecil. As someone that listens to American Family Radio almost daily, and get the opportunity to talk to people at my work and show them just how stupid Bryan Fischer really is, I really enjoy it when you guys feature a clip. That man is either the dumbest man on earth, or the biggest liar…probably both.

  4. Mike.K. says:

    Tom: What does Phyllis Schlaffly think is going to happen?

    Phyllis Schlaffly thinks what will happen is the under-educated, under-informed, superstitious, fear and paranoia seeped intellectual troglodytes will hoot and ook and slap their hands on the ground, which will let her cash a phat check for her speaking fee.

  5. Scipio says:

    Not sure if you guys saw this yet, but if not, it’s a must see:

    Steel Panther – Gloryhole (Explicit)

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