Episode 141: Metaphorical Locust Helmets

2 comments on Episode 141: Metaphorical Locust Helmets

  1. Murff says:

    What the hell is Morris Code? Is it similar to Morse Code?

    Lol, jk. Thanks for another great show. Between you guys, The Imaginary Friends Show, and the Scathing Atheist, I’m constantly laughing out loud at work. I would include Inkredulous…but really, when was the last episode, 2011?

    (I know you guys weren’t on it, but episode 13 of Inkredulous was a classic!)

  2. Rick K. says:

    About the Fox News report about the Romeike family:
    Sorry, they don’t deserve asylum. They’ll have to send their kids to a school in Germany, where they’ll actually receive a decent education. Boo-hoo! We don’t need more religious extremists over here; we have enough already, thank you.

    Note that Fox News made zero attempts to get any response from the Obama administration. So much for “fair and balanced”, right? The only people they talked to were the family members (exploiting the one kid), and some lawyer who is obviously at odds with Obama’s policies.

    The writer, Todd Starnes, demonstrates he is more than willing to exploit any emotionally-drenched polemics for this nonsense. The Romeike family could’ve just applied for residence here in the US, if they hadn’t lied about their reasons for coming to live here. Instead of claiming they were under “religious persecution”, they could’ve just said they wanted to live here and run a farm.

    Deportieren die gesamte Familie zurück nach Deutschland! Schnell!

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