Episode 138: Dr Ass-less Chaps

4 comments on Episode 138: Dr Ass-less Chaps

  1. Mike.K. says:

    And let us all gather together and pray that Glen Beck takes the advice to sit down and shut the Hell up.

    1. RobWriting says:


  2. Pat L. says:

    Great Episode!
    In regards to Glenn Beck, in my opinion what we are seeing is the all to predictable convergence of Beck’s overly evangelical style and his fundamentally dogmatic belief in godly revelations via modern prophets (i.e. Mormonism). When you combine this with Beck’s personal wealth and public following- It is only natural that he would pull a lesson straight out of Joseph Smith’s Handbook for Charlatans- Lesson 1: Tell everyone god talks to you and you have a message from him!

  3. Arthwollipot says:

    Young black kids get blamed for being shot by white guys in Florida.

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