Episode 137: They Live (pronounced Live)

3 comments on Episode 137: They Live (pronounced Live)

  1. Dave Ansell says:

    There is something fucked up about the rickets case. A lacto-ovo vegetarian diet itself doesn’t deprive one of calcium, phosphorous, or vitamin D. The report is either mistaken or there is some other factor because this is an anomaly.

  2. Kamizushi Akinari says:

    Do you conclude that babies can’t live on an omnivorous diet every time a baby dies malnourished on it? Sorry but claiming that babies can’t be healthy on an ovolactovegetarian diet is extremely ignorant. There are literally hundreds of millions of them doing exactly just that.


    1. diss0713 says:

      Literally hundreds of millions of 5 month old children?

      Info I’ve seen shows children should start solid foods between 4-6 months. Starting solid food and having a strict diet of it seem quite different.

      But hey, all you really wanted to hear was what you heard so blow away on the vegetarian horn at the nonexistent slight.

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