Episode 133: No God Cast

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  1. François Jean says:

    Are you sure that Swanson and Buehner were not talking about lemon-aids? Maybe they were trying to make some kind of pun?

  2. Hey this is Love from Atheists on Air. Thanks for the props! I feel like a fucking god now. Muahahaha! 😉
    Love y’all. xoxo

    1. diss0713 says:

      Hi Love,

      I caught two episodes of your show on secular.fm. It was great!


  3. Atheous says:

    Cecil & Tom,

    I looked through the “back catalog” and I can’t find the episode. I think a good clip for you tube would be the “girls don’t imprint” bit. Honk! Honk! I listened to that several times. Tom said you don’t need an abortion, just an omelet.

    The story was unqualified people were brought into schools to teach sex-ed.

  4. Paul says:

    You guys are so right about the Ten Commandments not being the basis of our laws. Id go even farther in an argument though by pointing out that six of the ten commandments are not only absent our lawbooks but are positively UNCONSTITUTIONAL! If an attempt to make them into laws were attempted, it’d get smacked down by the courts quicker than hillbilly god can skin a coon drenched in holy water.

    And even the two commandments that are clear cut laws: don’t kill and steal? I just don’t buy the idea that America is breaking new ground in the moral landscape by outlawing theft and murder. It’s just not that unique or innovative an idea, as there is no society in the world, present or past, where those two things were/are not frowned upon by authorities. Unless maybe the code of Hammurabi was based on the Ten Commandments… Hmmm

  5. Paul says:

    Oh and the lemonade thing-I’m guessing the two probably mixed up Lemonade with Kool-Aid (yaknow.. drinking the Kool-aid) but they were too stupid to be stupid correctly.

    That or they think urination is somehow a component of gay sex… Like… what would the other penis do just hang there the whole time?

  6. Adam says:

    In regards to the lemonade, I can’t be certain, but could they possibly be referring to arsenic lemonade? If so, that’s despicable and outright evil.

  7. Mike.K. says:

    OHHHH!!! I just got the joke the ignorant bigoted fuckwit talking about the rose bowl made:

    “I hope they don’t serve lemonAIDS!”

    Get it? Biological terrorism because gay people are sick and want to destroy humanity? HA! HA! HA! HA!

    Knuckle-dragging fuckwit pigfucker.

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