Episode 132: Fine Crafted Amish Ranting

4 comments on Episode 132: Fine Crafted Amish Ranting

  1. Steven Doyle says:

    Guys, I’d love to vote for you. But — Stitcher won’t let me vote unless I give them access to my Facebook “Friends” list, profile, etc. Fuck that.

  2. Steven Doyle says:

    Note: “Bestiality” is pronounced like it’s spelled. Easy way to remember: “bestiality is best”. (It isn’t, for obvious reasons. Unless that sheep is begging for it.)

  3. Farmer Todd says:

    I like the show, but your rant about Amish culture is completely off-base. I know a lot of Amish (other vegetable farmers) and the story that induced your rant is an oddity, not the norm within the community. Amish culture is hard to figure out for us ‘English’ but the basic idea isn’t that they shouldn’t adopt new technologies, but that they, as a group, should evaluate new technologies and decide whether or not they are good for them, individually or as community before adopting them.

    In many cases the decision comes down to whether or not it binds them to a company that can then have undue influence over them. So, they do use electricity, but they don’t buy it from the power company; they use phone service, but they don’t have it at home; they use computers, but mostly simple ones that have basic features like word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

    They aren’t so much backward as deliberate.

    The family you brought up is to the amish community, what the don’t immunize people are to the rest of America.

  4. Aerosol says:

    Cecil, if you ever have your man-bits removed from your body, here’s what you should do: turn the whole lot into a purse and give it to your wife. It’s three gifts in one: a purse; a reminder to her of the good times you’ve had; and if she rubs it lovingly, a handbag.

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