Episode 130: Discern the Unhuman Nonhuman

10 comments on Episode 130: Discern the Unhuman Nonhuman

  1. Lee Kalba says:

    Did you change the format of the audio or something, Cicil? I always listen in the browser, and now it seems to be trying to download the whole thing, instead of just a buffer. Or did flash do something awful?
    Also, it’s the Chuck and Leighton thing again, where your voices sound like the should be coming out of the other guy, once I’ve actually seen you. You want something truly disgusting though? Pumpkin spice eggnog. No, I didn’t just make that up.

  2. Mike.K. says:


    Oh, that’s awesome!

    1. Jeff Tippets says:

      This needs to be on a tee-shirt.

  3. Nick says:

    Glory, glory hole-lujah!

  4. Matt says:

    “Gloryhole, small hole cut into the partition between bathroom stalls through which married couples can kiss. Gloryholes are typically positioned on the divider at waist height, which allows husband and wife to kneel on opposite sides and touch lips with relative ease. While couples may visit a gloryhole at any time to affirm their love for each other, most confine their visits to anniversaries and will often mark such milestones throughout their lives at the same gloryhole.”

    The Onion Book of Known Knowledge: A Definitive Encyclopaedia Of Existing Information, 183rd Imperial Edition

  5. Steve from Canadia says:

    Hey Tom and Cecil

    Just watched your eggnog video. I hope you have recovered by now. It is, truly, a vile drink. You guys have balls…no sense, but balls nonetheless. By the way, what in the name of Allah is that thing on your stove? It looks like a keg, but in all my years of professional drinking, I have yet to see one prepared by placing it on an open flame. I can only assume that the giant gauge stuck into the side of the thing is some kind of safety measure to let you know when the contraption is about to blow. You are very strange, my American friends. In Canadia, we just tap the keg and have at it.

    Also, the new microphone was a worthwhile purchase, and seems to really bring out the dulcet tones of your voices. Now when Tom coughs, it is just like standing in the typhoid ward in person. Awesome.

    Love the show

    Merry Mythmas season. I look forward to more blather in the new year.


  6. Steven Doyle says:

    For fuck’s sake, we get it: you don’t care for eggnog. Honestly, you guys have never sounded so juvenile.

    1. diss0713 says:

      The solution is at hand dude. You don’t have to fucking listen.

  7. John K. says:

    I always pictured Tom as bald, and Cecil as smaller than Tom.

  8. Donna says:

    RE the guy who inquired about how to handle his kid’s questions about religion, churches, etc.. We raised our two boys without the “benefit” of religion and handled things pretty much the way Tom said he explained churches to his son. I think the greatest benefit of atheism/agnosticism is to face facts and to not shelter children from the wide variety of opinions/beliefs they’ll encounter. You just explain as simply as possible that other people look at the world through different sets of experiences than you do.

    When he was in high school my oldest son told me that one of his friends (from a very religious family) asked him what we used to teach him and his brother about right and wrong. The friend could not imagine that that was possible without using the Ten Commandments and the threat of eternal damnation. My son replied that we had always just explained that it — whatever bad behavior, lying, cheating on tests, etc. — was not how an honorable person behaves. Period. Every kid wants to be an honorable person if that is a value within the family. Our sons are both grown men now — GenXers like yourselves — and are religion-free honorable people.

    Sorry this went on so long. But people don’t generally give children enough credit for the intelligence to comprehend that the beliefs of other people need not be considered a threat.

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