Episode 129: The Herd Mentality

9 comments on Episode 129: The Herd Mentality

  1. Atheous says:

    Great show! The arguing and name calling with alcohol works well! Funny shite, and Adamn is funny as hell too.
    I’m donating to a food bank, but will donate scotch to the show, if necessary.

  2. Tom says:

    I can see why you couldn’t describe that cartoon. “oh no”. Food bank donation coming.

  3. Lee Kalba says:

    That cartoon is making my drawing look like crap. Damn him for putting in more than 20 minutes of effort!

  4. Steven Doyle says:

    There are so many things wrong with Lee Bright’s speech, I wouldn’t know where to start. So many things ….

  5. Steven Doyle says:

    I agree that elements of the Constitution need to be reexamined sometimes. But — in the case of the 2nd Amendment, I think the original intent is still the best. It has nothing to do with individual gun ownership; it’s a guarantee that state militias and the Federal armed forces (if any) will be composed of “the people”, Americans, not foreign mercenaries. (That’s why it’s right next to the 3rd Amendment, guaranteeing your house won’t be capriciously taken over by any soldiers who feel like sleeping there.)

    It occurs to me that the 2nd Amendment could be used in an argument for outlawing Blackwater.

  6. Stratblazer says:

    What categories are you being nominated for on the Stitcher thing?

    1. diss0713 says:

      We are thinking Society and Culture. But any category will work. Thanks for voting!

  7. Andrew Webb says:

    Regarding the non white santa thing, I grew up in a predominantly white area in England but at Christmas my school had an Indian chap playing santa. Not only was it not an issue, I don’t remember any of the kids even noticing. All we saw was jolly old father Christmas!

  8. Tom Glanville says:

    I loved this episode with you guys in the same room! You could really hear the energy back and forth between you two. One of the best ever. And when Tom wasn’t talking into the mic and there was lots of room reverb… I don’t know why, it just added to the hilarity for me. Kinda like the voice from the peanut gallery or something.

    Also, Cecil seemed kind of mellow for the previous 2-3 episodes like something was bothering him. (The coughing?) That was gone this episode too.

    Keep up the good work. Every week I look forward to another one of your podcasts.

    Merry Christmas Tom.
    Happy Winter Solstice Cecil.

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