Episode 127: Skeptic’s Guide to Conspiracy

9 comments on Episode 127: Skeptic’s Guide to Conspiracy

  1. Lee Kalba says:

    Irreligiosophy covered that Mormon document, so as far as I know, it’s real.

  2. Dick says:

    Satan sounded an aweful lot like the villain from Inspector Gadget to me. Such a deceiver that Satan.

  3. Lewayne says:

    RE: Baptism v. Emergency Care – I’m not clear why they parents couldn’t follow Tom’s usual prayer v. medical care advice and do BOTH. I was baptised (clearly it didn’t take) IN the hospital, because my mother was concerned I was not going to survive either my medical condition or the corrective surgery. I got a sprinkle of holy water, AND a life-saving procedure.

  4. mike montague says:

    i was raised mormon and yes the advise on how not to masterbated is real. check out the podcast Mormon Expression episode 132, “Mark E Peterson steps on overcoming masterbation”

  5. Mike McFall says:

    I came to say that Irreligiosophy did it many years ago, but I seem to been beaten to it. the link is here.

  6. Verena Counihan says:

    http://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/index.php/The_Joye_of_Snacks This might be a good read for the LDS masturbation squad.

  7. Tom says:

    The “stoning was developed when stones were the height of technology” quip busted me up. Some poor lady next to me at the stop light wondered what was wrong with me. This was a great episode, Mike was a great guest. Thanks!

  8. Wile Z Coyote says:

    Yeah, Lee is correct. Chuck and Leighton over at Irreligiosophy did do a whole episode on the LDS masturbation topic way back when “LDS Advice to Young Men” – Ep #26. Worth a listen for sure.

  9. Atheous says:

    I wanted to tell everybody that listening to Cognitive Dissonance is good for your brain, perhaps due to quantum programming.
    After hearing the Muslim call to prayer so many times, it no longer sounds so “foreign” or “weird”. I noticed this today whilst thinking of my reading of Reza Aslan’s books, which sparked some tolerance and deeper understanding of Christianity and Islam.
    So, inadvertent fanning of the spark? Or the more obvious answer: You guys are programming us for a takeover?

    Thanks dudes and chick

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