Episode 124: A Manual For Creating Atheists

14 comments on Episode 124: A Manual For Creating Atheists

  1. Street Epistemologist says:

    Check out a video animation of Peter’s book

  2. Simon says:

    I think the walnut in the gingko biloba memory supplement is not a coincidence. Walnuts are supposedly good for your brain because they look like tiny brains. “We need some filler for these memory supplements. How about walnuts? Those are brainy!”

  3. tuxcomputers says:

    The shipping from Amazon doubles the price of the book for me, they suck arse.

    1. Street Epistemologist says:

      What country and city are you ?
      Maybe I can get you a cheaper copy!

  4. Cephus says:

    You missed the obvious one. Jesus-scented Fabreze?


  5. Atheous says:

    Where’s the link to complain ’bout Right Wing Watch, ‘n’ such?

    1. diss0713 says:

      Here is the article, I would tweet at youtube, or send them a message.

  6. TimK says:

    You guys sound so so sweet now with your boss equipment! I can taste you in my ear hole now! Tip top!

  7. Steven Doyle says:

    Just for future reference, in case you have to deal with a “Second Amendment” nut like David Barton: the Second Amendment is a giant red herring. It has nothing to do with private gun ownership; the phrase “to bear arms” means “to serve in a state militia”. There’s a famous 1840 case about that. So: the Second Amendment protects your right to join the National Guard. Private civilians owning guns has always been subject to local, state and Federal laws.

    1. The Fabulous says:

      Heller and McDonald disagree with you.

  8. Mark Elsby says:

    What is with the picture of Sydney? I thought it was going to be in the podcast. I assume it is a holiday picture from a trip? I thought Jake may have been a part of the podcast with his “friendly” Koalas?

  9. Workmx says:

    Fantastic. Thanks guys.

  10. Dan says:

    My thought about the Bigfoot shooting, is that the guy that was shot must have had a really hairy back. I mean, if Dick Cheney can mistake a 78-year-old Texas attorney for a quale, mistaking a hairy dude for Bigfoot is not that far away.

    About the cow trampling; wonder if cows look hot in red stiletto pumps. Maybe with a miniskirt and a push-up for the udder.

    Thinking of Muslim Fatwas or Papal bulls (not bovine ones) and stuff. Religious people seem rather upset when you destroy their holy books.
    I was thinking, if you have a copy of the Koran, Bible or whatever, on a Kindle or such, if you then for some reason delete it from said electronic device, do you then perform and blasphemes act?

  11. Donna says:

    One of the things I’ve always liked about the atheists and agnostics I’ve known is they pretty much leave other people alone in their beliefs. A person like Peter B frightens me with his zealous evangelism, trying to “convert” others to his unreligion. I feel that atheists should not — or should not have to — prosthelytize. The way Peter B spoke about “converting” people frankly creeped me out. I mean him no offense, but his efforts scare me.

    I always enjoy your show, Tom & Cecil. Your raucous good humor is refreshing. Thanks for sharing your gift.

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