Episode 123: Pro-Gay European Zombies

9 comments on Episode 123: Pro-Gay European Zombies

  1. Lee Kalba says:

    You forgot to post the picture of the Gloryhole shirt, Cecil.

  2. Coen says:

    Briljant show again guys! And not only because you completely made a mess of my last name ;-0 But you’re right. Dutch is really just a bunch of coughs. That’s why it never made it to the world language.


  3. Beth says:

    I am listening to the latest podcast at work and I had to stop because of the vision of gay-dar in the middle east caused me to laugh. I work in a laboratory so my mind instantly needed to know ‘how does one calibrate a gay-dar?” As a good scientist one would need rule out false positives and false negatives. So at the beginning of each day, after you grab some coffee, you go to the lab and grab your positive (gay) standard and your negative (straight) standard and scan them. If you want a through reading you need to test more than one standard. Thinking of a cabinet full of gay and straight men that you would have to scan everyday had me rolling. “Damn it Larry, did you mix up the standards again? I’m getting gay readings all over the fucking place?” “OMG Who forgot to feed the standards over the holiday weekend?!”

    Great job guys: glory hole.

  4. mike montague says:

    as someone who’s half (ack) dutch but does not speak the (huhk) language i resent that (cough) remark. sorry im a heavy smoker.
    by the way “Klap eens in je handjes
    blij, blij, blij
    op je lieve bolletje

  5. Workmx says:

    Where are the photos of my fat ugly face? I blame Tom.

  6. Terego says:

    Some people are saying the gaydar thing was made up, but I haven’t seen the refuting info yet.

  7. Mike.K. says:

    To the Liberty University police, that is actually pretty common. Most state universities have their own police department. Many county and even private universities do as well. Universities usually are enough of a drain of the local PD that it is more cost effective to have a local PD.

  8. matt says:

    “…JFK and Lincoln will put their heads together … ” omg …
    you bastard …. 😛

  9. Nat says:

    “I know more than 3 gay people. One of them is not a paedophile.” Does that mean that the others are? 😛

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