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9 comments on Episode: 120 The Clinkers

  1. Jeremy King says:

    Since you guys were apparently spending too much time trying to search for it on WebMD to realize that the crusty old fuck Robertson was simply taking his boyhood memories of coal burning furnaces way too far in trying to make his stupid carb analogy, here’s the basic Wikipedia link to what he was likely trying to reference:


  2. Atheous says:

    Dude, a “clinker” is a hot brick. I thought an English major would know that.
    “Little Tommy Tinker sat upon a clinker, he began to cry.”

    Not that I’m an English major, or degreed at all. I thought English majors studied children’s’ songs?

  3. Sunioc says:

    I dont know what the fuck he is talking about when he mentions clankers, but if you can sort out his senile ramblings a bit, that pat robertson sound clip may be the closest he has ever gotten to a true statement. Low/no carb diets are not good for you. Your body does indeed burn carbs to produce the energy your body needs to function. Cutting out carbs depletes your body’s supply of glucose and sends your body into a state of ketosis, where it begins burning through fat instead, which doesnt work as well and can cause kidney damage and other problems when you maintain these diets for extended periods of time.

    A lot of this stuff is in dispute as ketogenic diets have only been around for the last couple decades and there hasnt been time to study the long term effects quite yet, and this shit is really complicated. My month of nutrition class in culinary school doesnt quite make me an expert and a lot of this shit is over my head, but for the first time in his life, pat robertson said something that kinda sorta almost makes sense, so i cant really mock him too badly this time. I’m sure he will say something braindead to make up for it soon.

  4. Terrie says:

    Revelation. Explained in Lego. This is the one true definitive interpretation.


    1. Lee Kalba says:

      The only way to read the bible is with Lego. Seriously, all the horror and boredom of the bible is made so much easier to take, when you have Lego illustrations.

  5. Lee Kalba says:

    When my grandmother died, the preacher they invited, clearly knew her and wasn’t just retelling bits he’d heard five minutes ago.
    When my grandfather died, it was exactly like this guy’s story: a preacher that clearly didn’t know him, talked about him for about a minute, then just started preaching his bullshit. It angered me because this was a funeral, not church services. This wasn’t his fucking pulpit. I half expected him to try and pass around a goddamn collection plate.

  6. DrSunshine says:

    The smaller file size just means it requires less effort to listen to this dump! Just kidding. I don’t hear any noticeable difference in my noisy office. Great job and glory hole!

  7. Frances says:

    In Australia we have a kind of candy called Clinkers. They’re chocolate on the outside, compacted weird sugary thing on the inside. They come with different coloured insides, which means you have to go through all the shit colours in the hope of getting a good one. Sounds appetising, huh. Although now I’m imagining they come from the harvesting of high carb diet eating people… Ewww.

  8. Jeffrey says:

    I recently discovered what the clinkers sound like:


    Go to the 2:00 mark and listen for about 15 seconds. You will hear a clinker and then hear the singer refer to it as such.

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