Episode 118: God of Wonders

This episode we review, and by review I mean disparage, the direct-to-shame release, “God of Wonders.”  If you haven’t seen it, you are winning.

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  1. Drew N. says:

    I think I found the movie on Youtube:

  2. Garth says:

    Interesting fact about the Clownfish or anemone fish (genus Amphiprion) They are not actually immune to the anemones sting. What they do is coat themselves with mucus from the anemone itself so that they are not recognised as food – the anemone does not fire it nematoblasts (stinging cells) at itself or anything covered in this mucus. It is thought that the clownfish (and a few species of damselfish) have some resistance to the venom which allows them to make short forays into the anemone to build up their coating of mucus.

    If one strips the mucus off a clownfish and then forces it into the tentacles of an anemone it will be killed.

    Of course the creatards argument regarding the method of arrival at either explanation is wrong. Evolution by natural selection would be by far the best method, especially the correct explanation which does not involve one individual suddenly mutating and becoming resistant to the sting.

    The whole symbiotic relationship here is still as beautiful, amazing and awe inspiring even after science has taken us another step closer to understanding it. Maybe even more so.

  3. Steven Doyle says:

    Note: the stupid movie’s argument about the poison-resistant anemone-riding goldfish is basically an argument against Lamarckian evolution (inheritance of acquired characteristics). Absolutely dishonest argument, since they’re pretending it’s evidence against evolutionary science in general, whereas their argument actually only deals with an essentially discredited idea that isn’t part of modern mainstream biological science.

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