Episode 114: Ejokeulation

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  1. Lee Kalba says:

    So.. I started harassing my Senator, over Twitter, now. I’ve been sending old Rapert messages of some of the points brought up here and anything else I can think of that’s not just calling him a moronic asshole. Y’know, trying to keep it polite.

    Also, what’s wrong with that dude’s eyes? Rachael Maddow is cute as hell.

    And one the things I was trying to point out with the e-cigs, is they are usually a propylene glycol (PG) base, which is already a food additive, tested by the FDA. So maybe not as well tested as tobacco, but it’s not exactly a mystery.
    If anyone wants to quite smoking tobacco and would like a guide to switching to e-cigs, they can contact me through Twitter @LeeKalba and I’ll be happy to help them decide what to get, to make the switch. I’ve tried several kinds and the Blu are some of the worst, actually, despite what Stephen Dorph says.

    And to Travis, I thought all the sheep-shaggers were in Whales.

  2. Atheous says:

    I’d like to point out that “shim” is already a word. I’ve used them hundreds of times.

    But the word “dillweed” comes to mind.

    1. Mike.K. says:

      No no no! You don’t understand!

      You see, a “shim” is a *computer science* term that is used to refer to a small wrapper program that lets a program run in a sub-optimal environment.

      By calling Rachel Maddow a “shim” Bradlee Dean is trying to get it past the Illuminati to warn us that Maddow is a CYBORG! She is a “shim” sent from the future to acclimate the cyborgs to our world, so they can eventually take over!

      Wake up, sheeple!!1!


  3. Atheous says:

    Oh man! You get the cat head in a Folgers can!

  4. Measly Twerp says:

    To quote a friend of mine:

    “Well, yeah, it works just fine in Norway and a bunch of other countries, but it would never work in America because we simply must have the worst of everything.”

    Sounds right to me…

  5. Steven Doyle says:

    Hate to be a buzzkill, but it looks like the craziest things in your Louie Gohmert story were actually spoken by Keyes, not Gohmert. It’s important to quote accurately. (Right wing sites are going nuts on this; because they can prove Keyes’ words were mistakenly put in Gohmert’s mouth, they pretend this negates the whole thing.)

    (It would, by the way, be awesome if we could get the human population down to 700,000, which would be easily sustainable. Our overpopulation is going to destroy our civilization. If we could just lower our fertility rate drastically, time would take care of the rest.)

    1. diss0713 says:

      The article is sited correctly. Gohmert says it was “scary.” We always take the story title from the source to give credit. On the show we specifically mention that it was Alan Keyes and then have a short conversation about Keyes’ relevance.

  6. Steven Doyle says:

    Oops — I meant, 700 million, not 700,000. Let’s not go to extremes. I’ll even go a billion. Nice round number: one billion people. That’d be a sustainable population.

  7. Simon says:

    Just in case you aren’t scared enough of Bradlee Dean, remember his ministry is called “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International”.

  8. Pat D says:

    Damn it… and all this time I thought a shim was the little wedges of wood shingles I use to adjust a window or door frame when installing it…

    Silly me!

  9. Pat D says:

    Looks like the rapist youth pastor won’t spend a single day in jail thanks to a very friendly judge who suspended his sentence:


    I wonder if that judge is a member of the congregation?

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