Episode 108: Crows 2 – Humans 0

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  1. Hey guys, another great episode as always. Just wanted to comment on your surprise that Pennsylvania is one of the six states that forbid atheists from holding public office.

    I often find that many progressives are shocked at how conservative they find much of PA to be once they visit or start paying attention to PA state politics since PA has went blue in the past several Presidential elections, and is home to two large progressive cities in Philly and Pittsburgh. While it is true that we are a swing state that leans towards permanent blue status in statewide elections, the middle of the state is a wasteland of backward ass, tea party soaked, gun and bible clutching far right conservative republicanism. The majority of our congressional districts are a deep shade of red, and thanks to the 2010 wave election, the districts were just gerrymandered even more to the advantage of the right. (Not as much as they wanted. Their first newly drawn district map was such a blatant partisan power grab that the courts struck it down.) Since the number of rural, firmly conservative districts overwhelm the amount of progressive districts surrounding our metro areas, our state laws usually end up being far more conservative than the majority of the population would like. Currently, the right controls both houses of congress and the Governor’s mansion, freeing them to ram through whatever regressive shit they so desire. Thankfully, there is a battle of repub vs repub taking place, between the more mainstream Republicans and the completely batshit tea party faction that is slowing down their agenda.

    Remember, the nickname for the area of PA between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia is Pennsyltucky.

    Also, I’m not sure where Dawkins got his list of states, but my own research shows a lot of sites having lists that differ slightly. After putting a few moments into it, the list I found is that 7 states prohibit atheists from holding public office: Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Then an eighth state offers no protection from discrimination relating to holding public office to atheists. : Pennsylvania.

    You can find the list here at Wikipedia

    Sorry for the novel, now off to see why Kirk Cameron is trending on Yahoo.

  2. Dan says:

    Can’t stop laughing at the TAM Ramen. That comic is sooooo good. The sea monkey is pure comedy gold. Whoever drew that is definitely going to heaven. Lol.

  3. ullrich fischer says:


    has a petition asking ABC to reconsider their irresonsible decision to give Jenny (bonehead) McCarthy yet another platform from which to help kill children by vaccine preventable diseases. If you think that maybe letting kids die from preventable diseases is A Bad Thing, please consider signing this petition.

  4. mike montague says:

    do check out black adder, very funny. also hugh laurie is in 2, 3 and 4. the episode in 2 where he’s in the court of queen elizabeth and he’s put in charge of executing catholics he says ‘i’m lord black adder and i’m the new minister in charge of religious genocide’. queen elizabeth tells him ‘all these catholics wanting to have their heads snipped off and no one to organize it’

  5. Jason says:

    Another great show guys. The Char Margolis video was interesting to watch as a skeptic that knows a little about cold reading. She obviously was fishing. M or J, the most common names start with M or J. The odds finding someone that doesn’t know at least someone in their family living or dead that has a name starting with one of those letters is vanishingly small.

    “Is it a male [pause] or female M, I don’t know”. Clearly if it was a male she would have stopped and called that a ‘hit’. Note she is already claiming the ‘M’. Is it ‘a’, ‘r’, ‘Mary?’ there’s three more claimed hits. The list I saw had 3 of the most popular female names starting with ‘Mar’, the most popular being Mary. If it was Melissa she would have probably started with Me, Mel, Melissa and if it was Melanie the person she was reading probably would have said ‘Melanie’ when she was wrong, which would have been counted as a hit.

    Then she goes fishing for the same name living or deceased, then when the host looks away like no she quickly puts iin ‘from your husband’s side?’ knowing that is a common way to pick baby names but might look like a huge hit. Since the host isn’t ‘sure she says “I think there may be” counting it as a hit.

  6. workmx says:

    Prof. Skocpol from Harvard has done quite a bit of work on the tea party and how they have been taken over by big business.

    Check out her lecture at Oxford University’s Department of Sociology podcasts: The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism


  7. Nightthorn says:

    Tried several times, several sites but it looks like the Margolis video has been deleted. Too bad. πŸ™

    1. diss0713 says:

      I think I fixed it.

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