Episode 107: TAM

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  1. Allan Z. says:

    Just reading the head lines makes me want to scream! WTF is religion doing to people. It sure is not good.

  2. Rick K. says:

    The “chemtrails” article is so incredibly WRONG!

    The writer is obviously a conspiracy theorist and steeped in his religion. I almost feel sorry for the guy, because he embarrasses himself over and over. He talks authoritatively about things he doesn’t understand at all, displaying his ignorance at every turn, for all to see.

    Just about every comment under the article shows each point where he was mistaken, so there’s no need to post anything further. I doubt most other Christians would take him seriously.

    1. Mike.K. says:

      If you read other articles on Hard Dawn, you can see that it’s a satire site. There is also a sub-reddit, and the article before a few “Can you believe this chemtrails storry?!?” is, and I quote, “Funny conspiratard satire site”.

      However, I don’t think they were prepared to the links from here. So, Hard Dawn is now password protected. That’s a shame, because there were several articles there I wanted to read.

      1. Mike.K. says:

        Addenda: I found a post claiming it is by some of the people originally behind Christwire, a satire site so well done that Rachel Maddow once actually quoted it on the air, and had to correct herself.

    2. Davidck says:

      Worth a watch:

  3. Sonni says:

    Loved your show, guys!

    I, also, watched ‘The Ledge’, and it’s a really good movie!

    It didn’t get the exposure I think it deserved, but I think that’s because it doesn’t put believers in a good light. The guy from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ plays in it – as well as Liv Taylor and Terrance Howard.

    I try to listen to your show every week – it helps keep me grounded and I feel like I’m listening to old friends – so I want to thank you for that.

    I even told my newly atheist son about you guys!

    Keep up the good work!



  4. Michael says:

    Glory HOLE, Ok I listen to every episode that you guys have done back from the old podcast, but for the link to hard dawn I have to thank you. I had to wait at a hospital for word on my mothers condition and reading their story’s kept me laughing. Did you notice that one of the most prolific writers, Stephen something is listed as a CHILDREN’S entertainer, could you imagine a more horrifying thin to do to the young. Now kids this is how the homo iluminati are teaming up with satan to destroy your world, now who wants cake?

    Thanks, Michael

  5. Michael Weston says:

    Suddenly the Hard Dawn site is password protected, did you guys break it?

    1. Mike.K. says:

      IIIT’S BAAACK!!!!!


      Oh, and as to wondering if they are satire? The latest article? “Why are radical homosexuals hoarding our nation’s jock straps?”

  6. Mike says:

    The problem with the guys numbers about Muslims is that we currently have 1.6 billion in the world so we should have right now an army of 16 million Muslims.

  7. John Andersson says:

    Whaddayamean, story about chopping of wifes fingers isn’t “nuanced”? TEACH THE CONTROVERSY! Keep it up guys, I wish you all the best of Gloryholes.

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