Episode 106: Blame It on the Rain

6 comments on Episode 106: Blame It on the Rain

  1. matthew mcguigan says:

    you bastards. The episode title came up on my phone as soon as you released it.

    Now I’ve got fucking Milli Vanilli stuck in my head

  2. matthew mcguigan says:

    RE: colorado forest fire.
    So if god had a puppy, and his puppy shat on the rug, about 3 years later the dog would bring him his paper and he would beat it half to death for shitting on the rug.

    Oh, today’s sitcoms vs family ties and the cosby show. Let’s see, I was born in ’74. What do I remember most during family ties, fat albert, etc. Aids. That’s what I remember.
    Total casual sex I’ve had in my life. Zero.

    What did Swanson have in his hay day. The sexual revolution. Their reward from God, cheap houses, cheap education and a life of wealth that will never be equalled again.

  3. Mike.K. says:

    To Cecil’s comments on reporters, the chattering-head class has become stenographers to power, because that was gives access, and access brings a hefty paycheck. If you live in the Golden Treadmill, you cannot sacrifice your paycheck, and therefore you will not threaten your access. Keep in mind that Michael Steel said, on MSNBC, that $250K annual salary was not a large salary.

    1. Allan Z. says:

      If $250K is not a very big salary, then WFT is $50K? $60K? or $70K? What the average American makes. ( U.S. median household income fell from $51,144 in 2010 to $50,502 in 2011. Wikipedia.)

  4. Mike.K. says:

    Ok, and about Swanson…. It is my recollection that Colorado Springs was originally not a Christian Mecca, but a Libertarian Mecca. They sought to have the lowest rate of taxes (sales, property, etc) in the country, and have as little business regulation as possible. (Basically, you can’t run through the streets with a flame thrower while your business partner sells buckets of water, but the regulation doesn’t get much stricter than that.

    After the economic collapse, Colorado Springs, which had been getting nearly all its public service and infrastructure money from the state, collapsed. Their police and fire departments were selling vehicles. As I recall, the fire department was basically working on rolling shifts, where only parts of the municipality had fire services on any given day.

    So… the fires ravaged Colorado springs because they had to sell over half their equipment to keep the lights on in a few, rotating fire stations on any given day. The police and ambulance services are in the same situation.

    Or, to throw the ball back in their court, God is punishing people for not working hard enough, or donating enough to the right Prosperity Gospel Churches, to afford their own fire trucks. So, fuck ’em.

    Lastly, about the radio host’s Horrible Awful No-Good Very Bad Plane Trip ‘o Boobies… I’ve always wanted to see a video someone films in a church, not of the pastor, but of the congregation, as he’s on the pulpit preaching hellfire and brimstone about the Horrible Oppression of the Titties. “Boobies! Boobies everywhere! E-vry-where!!! You won’t be able to leave your house without a Massive Pile of Communist Satan Titties trying to destroy you and turn you Democrat!”

    For some reason I have trouble imagining the men of the congregation (or at least 9 out of 10 of them) imaging The Great Knocker Onslaught, in great detail, with anything resembling “fear”.

  5. Steven Doyle says:

    Great show. Really enjoying listening to the episodes at work.

    Note: I have several swords, but so far have never chopped off a dude’s hand. That makes me feel good about myself.


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